Posted by: brandoncbethke | July 5, 2011

First Update from Europe

For the last week I have spent my time enjoying the countryside of Ireland racing and training. Last Saturday Nick Willis, Will Leer, Lee Emanuel, and I raced a 1500 in Cork, Ireland. The crowded race and inconsistent pacing made it a good learning experience for my first race in Europe. With one lap to go Nick took the lead and never looked back and ended up with a finishing time of 3:39. Will finished second out of our group with Lee and I coming in together, but Lee took the lean.

After the race, twenty of us headed into downtown Cork for a post-race pint of the local Murphy’s brew. It was an enjoyable experience to relax after a few days of travel and racing. Next on my schedule is to race the mile this Friday in Dublin. Will Leer and Lee Emanuel are racing an 800 in Belgium this Saturday while Nick Willis is racing a 1500 this Friday in Paris.

I will be racing and traveling around Europe for the next month. So stay tuned for updates about how our races are going. In the meantime stop by our new location at 5700 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103 or give us a call at our new number (734)926-4710.


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