Posted by: brandoncbethke | February 12, 2012

Life Down Under

Physical Therapy Ann Arbor MichiganAfter being down in New Zealand for a few weeks I had some time to write down what my experience has been thus far. The first few days were riddled with sore muscles, a jet lagged body, and endless errands of getting my life established down here for the next 2 months. As we were starting to get adjusted to the time change we were offered the opportunity to race in the Peter Snell Memorial Mile commemorating his World Record mile time at the same exact track 50 years prior. All the guys were eager to see where their fitness was at during this stage of our training, but for me it was a little different. After only doing one workout for the past 3 weeks due to sickness, I was pretty certain the race would be a painful reminder of how important consistent training truly is. This proved to be true as I ended up placing 7th with a time of 4:05, while Will, Nick, and Lee all ran under 4 minutes. The blessing is that this kind of a race helps as a rust buster to get my body going for the rest of our time down here.

One of the most unusual things that we have to get used to down here is driving on the left side of the road and, as odd as it might seem, running on the left side of every road and trail we are running on. Our driving experience this year has been far more enjoyable as we are all much more accustomed to the different driving rules that go with, yet we all seem to have times that we fall back into our old habits. For example, Lee went right around a Roundabout but luckily it was late into the evening and no one was around. There have been many good times, laughs, and adventures along the way.


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